Welcome to the backup blog.

Yes, you are at the backup blog.
The real blog’s at http://ctss.stormbit.net

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DECORATOR – livetune. feat Hatsune Miku released!

We did something!

No status on Nobunagun. I don’t lead that project. Blame it on Ryuk or shark0week0.

Torrent | XDCC

We’re recruiting everything, so email me (ctss@stormbit.net), or leave a comment below.

TL: dreamcore
Everything else: fgghjjkll, Bungles

EDIT: Also, some inconsistencies, such as ha -> wa, wo -> o, i’ll release a v2 patch tomorrow, but i can’t be bothered re-encoding and re-uploading to youtube. night.

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Happy new year!

Another year has passed, and looking back into 2013, we haven’t been very active.
We have managed to finish ZBL, tried subbing Hotdog, and dropped KKK and Fantasia Dolls, and this year, I want to change that. This season, we will pick up an unnamed show, and start doing some BDs that I keep bringing up, but never start. Furthermore, Hagure Yuusha is still not dropped (lol) and I will personally be QCing it, hoping for a release by February (or something).

We are also recruiting. Everything.

Send an email to ctss@stormbit.net and we will go things through with you.


Also, http://ctss.stormbit.net has been dead for quite some time now. Basically our server host lost his server due to a mistake with the server provider and whatever backup he has is painstakingly time-consuming to port all posts over to wordpress. As a result, all such posts will be considered lost and we will launch a brand new blog with a much better interface ASAP!

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